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Exclusive Online Offer...


Buy Mobility Scooter Insurance Online

Help My Mobility - the UK's leading independent mobility information website is pleased to offer an exclusive online price of £69 for one years coverage. Simply click on the "Buy Now" button.

We strongly believe that although insurance is not currently a legal requirement, it should be taken in order to benefit you and the public. We have worked hard to obtain this extremely competitive price to make insurance as affordable as possible.

Underwritten by ECIC, the policy offers worry free driving in the event of an accident, theft or vandalism. In addition and just as important, the policy offers public liability, protecting you against potential lawsuit claims.

The bullet points opposite offer a summary of the key benefits.


Key Policy
Insurance benefits

Scooter & Powerchair Insurance
Accidental Damage Cover
Fire Damage Cover
Flood Damage Cover

Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft
Storm Damage Cover
45 Day world-wide cover
Public liability up to £2 million

Temporary cover to loan equipment of similar value whilst your product is with the dealer/manufacturer

“Get-you-home” expenses following an

New for old replacement if the damage
exceeds 60% of the replacement value
during the first 36 months, assuming
product is new
No excess
No claims bonus scheme
Carer contingent liability
Temporary hire costs cover
Personal Injury benefit up to £2000
Personal effects covered up to £250
Loss of Key Cover up to £50
Any Driver
Maximum value of product: £6,000